Code and Data

This page contains links to my code and experimental data from my papers. I hope this is useful and will allow you to apply the methods I have developed, run my experiments and use the data I have collected. Please email me with any queries ( and do let me know if you intend to use the data or methods, I would be excited to hear about your research.

Inequality Aversion, Self-Interest and Social Connectedness
  • Data and code are provided to allow for the replication of the experiment and results of the paper. The paper runs an incentivised lab-in-the-field experiment in order to study giving behaviour where the social connectedness to recipients varies.
  • Data sets include the observed behaviour, demographics and design parameters from the experiment, alongside estimated preference parameters. z-Tree code is provided so others can run the experiment and statistical code in MATLAB, R and Stata are provided to allow others to undertake data reshaping, econometric analysis, preference parameter estimation and graphical analysis.
  • This is all available on the repository:
Estimating and Decomposing Conditional Average Treatment Effects
  • The beta version of the Stata command lwcate and its help file. Please read the help file first, instructions are within. It is a work-in-progress so use with care. Any requests, bugs found or need for clarification please email
  • Download: lwcate and helpfile