Throughout my time at the University of York I have been fortunate enough to teach, mentor and supervise students across a range of modules, levels and departments. The details are below, alongside the slides for tutorials I taught throughout the PhD, which will hopefully be of use to the students taking the modules, and anyone else interested in microeconomics and econometrics.

  • Department of Economics: Ellis-Hunter Teaching Scholar (2015-2019)
    • Experimental Economics; Microeconomics 1 & 2; Economics 2: Microeconomics; Econometrics 2.
    • Acknowledgement of Teaching Excellence, 2016-19 & Aronson Teaching Prize, 2016-18.
  • Centre for Health Economics: MSc Dissertation Supervisor (2018-2020)
    • “Evaluating the distributional effects of the English public smoking ban”
    • “Dynamic Interactions Between Inequalities in Socioeconomic Position and Health”
  • Department of Health Sciences: Guest Lecturer (2020) and Teaching Assistant (2018/19)
    • Health and Social Behaviour (MSc) – Measuring Health Equity Impacts
    • Further Regression Analysis (MSc)

Microeconomics 1

Microeconomics 1 is an undergraduate course for 1st year Economics students. The module leaders for the Autumn Term was Professor John Hey and for the Spring Term Mr John Bone. Student Feedback: 4.82/5.00.
Autumn Term –  Tutorial 1: An Allocation ProblemTutorial 2: DemandTutorial 3: ExchangeTutorial 4: Production Possibility Frontiers.
Spring Term – Tutorial 1: Time and RiskTutorial 2: Game TheoryTutorial 3: Market FailuresTutorial 4: Asymmetric Information.

Microeconomics 2

Microeconomics 2 is an undergraduate course for 2nd year Economics students. The module leaders for the Autumn Term was Dr. Thomas Cornelissen and for the Spring Term Dr. Alan Krause. Student Feedback: 4.57/5.00.
Autumn Term – Tutorial 1: Game TheoryTutorial 2: MonopolyTutorial 3; OligopolyTutorial 4: Asymmetric Information and Externalities.
Spring Term – Tutorial 1: Consumer Theory (accompanying Excel file); Tutorial 2: Consumers and Producers (accompanying Excel file); Tutorial 3: General Equilibrium; Tutorial 4: Externalities .

Economics 2: Microeconomics

Economics 2: Microeconomics is an undergraduate course for 2nd year students, mainly those studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. The module leader for the Spring Term was Dr. Emma Tominey.
Spring Term –  Seminar 1: Asymmetric Information (accompanying Excel file); Seminar 2: Consumer Choice Theory (accompanying Excel file); Seminar 3: DemandSeminar 4: Minimum Wage.

Econometrics 2

Econometrics 2 is an undergraduate course for 2nd year Economics students. The module leader for the course was Prof. Jo Swaffield. Student Feedback: 4.52/5.00.
Spring Term – Tutorial 1: Misspecification; Tutorial 2: Autocorrelation.

Health and Social Behaviour

Health and Social Behaviour is a course for Masters of Public Health students. I gave a lecture on “Measuring Health Equity Impacts”, the slides can be found here.