Published Articles

Working Papers


  • O’Donnell, Owen, Matthew Robson and Tom Van Ourti, (2021), ‘Aversion to Health Inequality, Correlation and Causation’
  • Robson, Matthew and Frank Vollmer (2021), ‘Identifying Multidimensional Poverty and Distributional Impacts Amongst Refugees: The ESSN programme in Turkey’
  • Parra Mujica, Fiorella, Matthew Robson and Richard Cookson, (2021), ‘Socioeconomic Health Inequalities: Differences Between and Within Individuals’
  • Robson, Matthew, Joseph Lord and Tim Doran, (2021), ‘Estimating the Equity Impacts of the Smoking Ban in England on Cotinine Levels: A Regression Discontinuity Design’, BMJ: Open [Revise-and-resubmit].
  • Alkire, Sabina and Matthew Robson, (2018), ‘On data availability for assessing monetary and multidimensional poverty’, OPHI Research in Progress, 52a,


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