Published Articles

Robson, Matthew, Miqdad Asaria, Richard Cookson, Aki Tsuchiya and Shehzad Ali, (2017), ‘Eliciting the level of health inequality aversion in England’, Health Economics, 26(10),

Working Papers

Robson, Matthew and John Bone, (2018), ‘Giving to Varying Numbers of Others’, DERS Discussion Paper, 18(11),

Alkire, Sabina and Matthew Robson, (2018), ‘On data availability for assessing monetary and multidimensional poverty’, OPHI Research in Progress, 52a,

Robson, Matthew, (2017), ‘Inequality Aversion, Self-Interest and Oneness: A Ugandan Lab-in-the-Field Experiment’, DERS Discussion Paper, 17(12),

PhD Thesis

Robson, Matthew, (2018), ‘Inequality Aversion and Self-Interest: An Experimental Approach’, PhD Thesis, University of York,